cold head

  1. F


    I got a bathmate in November 2014. I used it up until like mid January i guess. I stopped using it when i noticed my glans/head were staying cold all the time. I also got dark discoloration on the end half of my penis, but i've read on here that is common and no big deal. I thought that...
  2. E

    Slight "cold" feeling on glans + burning sensation after workout

    Hi there, i've been doing P.E on and off for a while but took a huge break and im now to go full dedicated. Im doing an only jelqing routine Right now with a split of 4 days & 1-2 days off Everything has been going superb, long flaccid, veins, good EQ ... But a thing i noticed recently was...
  3. ADF

    Black Pinch Spot On Top Of Glands

    As you can see from the photo below, (taken today) I have two marks on top of my glands. One is red and small and the other, next to it, is large and black. I did this yesterday and pretty sure while doing stretching exercises because my third and fourth fingers were pinching my glands instead...
  4. C

    SizeGenetics newbie S.O.S

    I got my SizeGenetics and have a few questions 1. How much pull should i feel 2. im 6.1 nbpel and 7 bpel im using a long bar and a med is that right 3. My glads are getting cold but not changing color am i cool 4. i lost 1 of the small rods can i get another 5. i feel a warm sensation...
  5. S

    Size Genetics Log (with other variants in between)

    I've been lurking for a while. Decided to start a log. Wanted to get serious about this business. I work a job where clothing requirements are lacks and I spent a lot of time standing and sitting, but not necessarily walking around. Got the size genetics a few months back and got...
  6. L

    This isnt working for me....

    Ok so ive been doing my routine for a while now and im getting 0 permanent gains. Even immeadiate gains arent showing as much now. I feel like all im doing is damaging the skin in that area as my dick now looks darker than the skin on my body. Lots of wrinkles etc.. It's making me very...
  7. Doc Holiday

    Jelqin Newbie here My first time experience

    ok im new to extenders and jelqing bout 4 days im thirty five come april over the years ive been loosing my flaccidity (tiny with hardly an errection under 1" relaxed turtle) and not being able to perform for the first 3 days i started out with extender little tender down there so im taking...
  8. C

    cold head???

    ok i know that it is not good if your head gets cold while hanging but what can i do to prevent this
  9. T

    red/purple spots

    Hi all I've noticed red/purple spots around my foreskin (the inner portion covering the glans) after using sizegenetics for more than 8 hrs. Previously I am able to stay 10 hrs or more without this issue. This happens on my last two wear. Why does this happens? Any one?
  10. R

    After PE session.

    Hey! So I have been using LM to stretch my unit combining with manual stretching routine. When all exercises are done, my unit looks swollen but it doesn't hurt and when I press my unit it feels sore and it looks kinda big. I am wondering am I heading the right path? I also wear an ADS with...
  11. S

    strecthing hurts!

    so while using my sizegentics, i dont have any extender bars on, because i can barely stretch it enough to get it on as is. but once its on, i just extend the screws out as far as i can, which is like another inch. weird that i cant manually pull my penis that much. i am using the old fashion...
  12. K

    Coldness in head uncomfortable

    Coldness in head uncomfortable This seems to be the only problem coldness in head and sensitivity of skin including foreskin around it What are your tips on reducing this ? Though I am getting VLC tugger. Maybe that will kill this problem.
  13. REDZULU2003

    A SizeGenetics routine

    Pasting several good SizeGenetic or alternative extender routines for all to use. Many questions asked about routines for extenders and I hope these routines can assist you all. Routine #1 Week 1 Day 1 - It's recommended that you start at the lightest setting possible at first. Though the...
  14. R

    is fr for me

    I've been thinking about doing fr for some time but still unsure about it. Can you use the tlc for both length and restoration? And what is the difference in being turtle and having foreskin. Im guessing its like being turtle while your hard? And does that mean you would be turtled when its in...
  15. L

    Extender use over time - bloodflow, cold head etc

    Read about this guy that had gained about an inch in length and half an inch in girth in under 3 months wearing one of these 2-4 hours a day, 2 hours at the time. But isnt 2 hours at the time a lot? What about blood flow etc with an extender vs when you are hanging, cuz hanging is 20 minutes...
  16. DLD

    VLC Tugger Matters of Size with Discount! Now with Bonus!

    We have now gotten a $4 discount on the parts to make the SizeGenetics with the TLC Tugger. So if the items $35 (VLC) + $9 (Cone) + $7 (strap) + $8 (SG Clip), we could discount that by $4 for MOS guys for a package price of $55 So how do you get started you will need the following: TLC...
  17. E

    Size genetics very promising after 3 weeks and comfort zone

    The routine is going very good so far. I'm at 5 hours/day now, and gains are visible. I've now added 2 mid rods instead of the small rods, though i could in theory try more. I am taking this at a safe pace hence the comfort zone. I believe that prolonged mid tension to the shaft with regular...
  18. tparker84

    Size Genetic Cold head and Comfort

    I have been using the sizegenetic for awhile now but now I think of it I my head of my penis always get cold is that ok? will it stop me from gain's and also what are you guys using for comfort around the sac and base of the penis cause when you wear it down it gets uncomfy on the sac from...
  19. M

    Need tips on avoiding ice cold cock head plz

    Can anyone offer me some tips on how to use this thing without getting an ice cold head? Every 20-30 minutes I have to take it off, beat some sense back into my cold head, then fight to get this thing back on again. Ugh. Help me Obi Wan Kanobi you're my only hope.
  20. DLD

    Gain 1 Inch in 12 Weeks...The Ultimate Workout! EVERYONE CHECK OUT!

    So many guys have asked me to post this routine in it's entirety so here it is. This is the most hardcore routine yet and I think it will help anyone and everyone who is having any problems gaining. This is what I call INTENSE so work slowly and smart. So many guys have this equipment and...