cold glans

  1. A

    Phallosan: Night Use and Loss of Suction

    I tried using the Phallosan Forte last night while sleeping, and...woke up three hours later with the glans almost fully retracted out of the vacuum, cold glans, and feeling like I just tried to sleep in any other extender. I thought this was specifically designed to be worn while sleeping...
  2. F


    I got a bathmate in November 2014. I used it up until like mid January i guess. I stopped using it when i noticed my glans/head were staying cold all the time. I also got dark discoloration on the end half of my penis, but i've read on here that is common and no big deal. I thought that...
  3. G

    hanging combined with mannual stretches and extender

    I've decided to write a thread about hanging combined with manual stretches and extender afterwords as I can't find anything on this.This is a intense routine I wouldn't recommend this for newbies. This is a very advanced routine, hanging can be dangerous and make sure you know how to use one...
  4. wilywily

    You accepted beginners French ? :) Help

    Hello Let me introduce myself, my name is Chris and I'm French, you'll notice through my English :) but I'll do my best. all firstly I would like to thank you for the promotion of the Sigenetics. I received yesterday with all that goes with, but I have a little problem. I do not understand...
  5. L

    When to up the weight with hanging?

    Guys i wanna start hanging, but im confused on when to add weight for the best gains....Do i add a pound or two each month? or week? i need advice on this....ima start at 2.5 lbs but wanna know when i can add it to 5 lbs.....and any other advice on hanging will be much appreciated..thanks guys
  6. V


    Guys I want to hear your views on numbness It seems something many of you are familiar with it, but haven't seen it discussed at length, no pun intended. I have been using a stretcher, a good one, for 3 months with GOOD results with includes small size gains and amazing EQ. I was very glad...
  7. C

    Issues or Normal?

    I couldn't seem to spend more than 30 mins at a time in my SG today before my glans got cold. I'm not sure if this is normal since after all, it is my first day, or I'm doing something wrong. I also seemed to have the best luck with the noose attachment. The velcro was a complete no-go for me...
  8. B

    heat warm up idea

    My grandmother makes corn bags for us as gifts for the holidays and you put them in thr microwave and it heats up to wbatever you can handle just lay it across your crotch. Incredable heat, beats hot water that fades temp away fast. just a idea.
  9. T

    How to tell your wife about pe

    Just want to hear from people their experience with telling wife/partner about doing pe . My wife freaked out when she found my 🙈 and since then we haven't really spoken about it . I still do all my work in secret which makes it hard to keep consistent . Would love to hear anyone else's...
  10. W

    SizeGenetics - Help me believe

    I bought the Sizegenetics and after trying several times to get into the device, I almost convinced it is a scam. I need some help believing otherwise. 1. None of the 16 way comfort system works, the Velcro it like wrapping a knife around my penis and trying to use any of the comfort wraps...
  11. dalailama

    Basic Beginner Extender Questions

    Hi guys, I tried to search the forum first, but a couple things are a bit unclear to me. Just bought The Male Edge Extender. 1. TIME AND TENSION. It says to begin week 1 with 1200 grams for one hour a day, then week 2 with 1200 grams for two hours.. I am at the end of week 1 now, can I go...
  12. L

    Trouble getting used to JES Extender, circulation and comfort

    I bought a JES extender clone a few months ago and I only used it a few times for about a week because I couldn't seem to get used to how it place it, or I simply had read incorrect information. Here is what I am doing: I am wrapping with ace bandage. I am using about an 8 inch length and...
  13. fonic

    Penimaster pro

    The Matters of Size Special Features a Free 15% upgrade in special parts! CLICK HERE TO ORDER with MOS Discount PeniMaster and PeniMaster Pro hey fellas, i'm now using a device called penimaster pro, a vacuum based device that offers the ultimate comfort, very easy to use on and off in...
  14. E

    Consecutive time in the SG

    Hey guys, I just got done with my first month of Penis Enlargement and am happy to report a quarter inch gain in FL, EL, and FSL. No gains to report in girth, which I was a little surprised in considering my main tool I was using in Penis Enlargement was the Bathmate. Not that I am complaining...
  15. DLD

    SRT: The Fastest Way to a Massive Penis and a Perfect Body

    SRT Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory HUGE SPECIAL ON EQUIPMENT Why do some gain and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that hold more logic...
  16. DLD

    SRT: The Fastest Way to a Massive Penis and a Perfect Body

    SRT Suppressed-Restricted-Transposition Theory HUGE SPECIAL ON EQUIPMENT Why do some gain and others struggle in penis enlargement? Yes, we can ask this question a million times and get a million theories, none that hold more logic...
  17. G

    exploding penis girth routine!!!

    8:00 oclock morning: 300 wet jelqs at 85% erection for 3 second each. then put on the ring of power for the next 5 hours. 12:00- eat healthy and take 2000mg of vitamin c +1000 mg of l-arginine. 4 oclock :3 sets of clamping for 10 minutes each and wear the ring of power for 2 hours after...
  18. koooky

    Auto Extender--The best attachment yet

    Hello all. Just received my Auto Extender Head attachment from And I wanted to give everyone my 2 cents on this product from a day one perspective. First all, for those of you currently with a PenisMaster or JEs or a Vimax and you have been concerned about attaching a...
  19. Texan

    For StillWM and others...Help, Please

    I'm having trouble with hanging. I started with 2 lbs for a week, then 4 lbs for a week, then went to 5 lbs for a couple of days, but it just wasn't feeling like it was doing much so I went up to 9 lbs. The 9 lbs feels really good...good stretch, no hurt, felt like it was doing something. The...