1. B

    Bathmate XX40 Permanent Girth Gains

    Haven't been active recently Just thought I would drop this question to all that have gained permanent Girth through the use of a Bathmate. Currently pre workout I am 6.125 Mid Girth and 6.75-7 Inch Base girth, I clamp Once for 20 Minutes in the morning with 4 to 5 Clamped Bends in this Time...
  2. CokeCanCock

    Best way to prevent injury and warm up?

    Paranoid about injuring my self. Whats the best ways to warm up and prevent injury?
  3. CokeCanCock

    Does this actually work

    Hey guys, As you know i'm on and off with PE. I think the one thing that ruins my motivation is the doubt that it actually works. And the thought of going to all that effort for it not to work. If you guys could point my in the direction of some great girth and length exercises and equipment...
  4. CokeCanCock

    I'm back with a better plan of action.

    Okay so i've had alot of time off PE. I felt it was kind of an inconvenience. However, had a bit of a think, as i've been itching to get back in the game. Previously when I did PE, I was taking alot of time and not getting much in return. I believe this boils down to intensity and methods...
  5. acromegaly

    acromegaly's girth protocol

    I have had forum posts and PMs asking about what I did/do for girth and instead of writing it up every time I can just post the full explanation here. I have gained about 2 inches in girth so far. It is fairly simple nothing revolutionary its just the way i did it so here you go. Start...
  6. Lightning

    June 2016 Prize Giveaway….Get Involved and Win Big Time! Over $5,000 in Prizes!

    Congratulations to shortdick for winning the top Quality Posting Contest in May! Here are the past previous winners of 2016 so far… January - BigBeardBig February - Munto March - lightlyfried April - Big Schwanz Acht OK Brothers for the June 2016 posting contest, here is what we are...
  7. Lightning

    May 2016 Prize Giveaway….Get Involved and Win Big Time! Over $5,000 in Prizes!

    Congratulations to Big Schwanz Acht for winning the top Quality Posting Contest in April! Here are the past previous winners of 2016 so far… January - BigBeardBig February - Munto March - lightlyfried OK Brothers for the May 2016 posting contest, here is what we are looking for: •...
  8. CokeCanCock

    Can't keep hard in the pump

    I'm just about giving up hope on pe. I've been doing this for 6 months now and not a single gain. Went to 5.6 but I think that was a fluke erection. I try to get expansion in the tube and I can't keep an erection to do it. I'm 19 so testosterone can't be an issue, I go in the tube, no matter...
  9. bluetard117

    25 years old and incontinent

    Hey all, So this has been going on for about a month now, and it's totally fucking me over. I got what I thought was a standard UTI a few weeks ago, in the middle of my spring break. I found myself leaking a bit, and it really concerned me, so obviously I immediately went to the doctor to get...
  10. CokeCanCock

    CokeCanCock journey to 9x6

    Starting stats: 8x5.4 MEG (Although I did measure 5.5 yesterday but I am coming to an end of my beginner routine and my average 90% erection is 5.25 meg) Up until this point I have been conditioning with the JP90. I am now slowly introducing new things and starting Big Als Jelq Free...
  11. Big Schwanz Acht

    Big Schwanz Acht vs. inertia...or a 'how to' for the lazy guy to get

    I've been lurking for over a year and determined this would be a great 'second home' based on all the experience, knowledge and positive energy. Here's some background and what brought me to this mysterious and wonderful world; My journey probably started with a few seeds of insecurity...
  12. boohoohoo

    Quitting PE, Taking Questions Before I Leave

    Hi all, After years of doing PE off and on with mixed success I have finally decided to call it quits. I have decided to quit for many reasons, which if anyone is interested I will explain. That being said, I really love this forum and would like to answer any questions you all may have...

    PE the hidden world

    some people will never discover the PE benefits can i call them benefits,guys getting divorced penis size? who knows maybe that could be a reason,haha maybe giving orgasms to your love one can keep the pussy around even if the guys are assholes hahaha.
  14. ZackD89

    My GF told me I "grew HUGE in two and a half months!"

    My GF and I go to distant universities, and did not see each other from the start of the semester until Thanksgiving (2.5 months). During this time, I practiced a modified version of DLD's beginner routine and wore a FastSize for 2-4 hours a day. I figured that it would be fun to give her a...
  15. S

    From 9" to 10"+ Measured Progress Pics Ongoing

    I've gotten back into the Penis Enlargement game (yet again!) and I've been seeing some results already after only about a month, which is exciting. So here is a pic of me at 9BP, and another at 9.25BP. These pics were only taken about 2 weeks apart so, yes, I am a fast gainer :) Also, please...
  16. DLD

    The OFFICIAL ''How big is his cock'' thread POST it HERE

    Your questions regarding penis size from whatever source i.e video or pictures, instead of making multiple threads cluttering up the forums please add to this thread with ''How big is his size'' ''what is his size'' ''omg he is huge what size'' etc etc etc and it can all be collected in one...

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