1. B

    21/03/2017 -> 9/ אני הכי גדול.11

    I can gain some size in length by doing only circumferential exercises?
  2. MoreThanLuck

    Hanging while Erect

    I've healed up pretty nicely since my wife tried to finger bang my junk. So, the last two nights I've been practicing hanging @ 5 lbs while 90-100% erect for 20-30 min. I only started this because DLD started a thread about using the LM while erect for massive tunica deformation, so I tried...
  3. C

    saphenous vein surgery

    i tried so hard with Penis Enlargement nad i can't gain a single mm in girth.nothing.well,i felt depressed and miserable.i couldn't continue with my thin penis of 5" average girth as it seems that every pussy i have fucked until now in missionary when wet can't feel my girth.only 2 out of 8...
  4. R

    Clamping advice needed?

    i had to quit jelqing many moons ago because of uneven chamber growth. i combed through these forums way before i became a member and could find nothing that would correct it or even abate it. recently i've been thinking that i may dabble in clamping in the not so distant, however, with this...
  5. Baraka

    Surgery: Want to be thicker than Shane? Check this out!

    Fuuuucked up! This is from Enlargement FAQ (Version 2). Emphasis is mine.
  6. V

    Results of 5 weeks of Clamping Everyday with minimal Rest

    Hey Everyone As many of you know, 5 weeks ago, I decided to try for one month, to Clamp everyday, AM and PM, and take rests minimally. The routine: I averaged 65 minutes in the clamp, meaning some days more, some days less, but usually had 2-3 clamp sets in the morning, and 5-6...
  7. R

    female sexual anatomy cervix

    I was playing with my gf for the first time last night.. it was great.. didnt go all the way though.. no penetration.. but I was wondering.. about 2.5 - 3 inches inside the vagina, there was an opening(contracting) is this the cervix? im cunfused with all these names.. is and isnt her opening...
  8. D

    Daggers Crocodile Squeeze - Ultimate tunica expander?

    About half a year ago I invented a device which puts an insane pressure on the tunica only. I have not used it very much, but posting the method here to get some feedback on it. A problem with it for me has been that I usually lose my erection within a minute of using it and have to restimulate...
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