1. B

    The Reason why everything above 8 inch penis is useless

    hey, i want to discuess a little about a thought that i have and i want to share with you especially in this community, everyone wants big cock right? its the ultimate dream, almost every survey shows the ideal size is 7-8 inch and i think every man should strive to get this size because he...
  2. boohoohoo

    Boohoohoo's Healthy Living 90 Day Challenge

    Hi guys, So some of you may recognize my name, Boohoohoo, but I have been a member of this forum for years now. I used to be a very fit guy, but for years now I've let my body go. I went from being a muscular 205 lbs at 6'1'', to being 320 lbs at my heaviest. Since then I battled my way down...
  3. habban

    Testicle Health Massage Challange!

    Nevermind. Delete thread :)
  4. K

    How to fantasize in shower?

    How to fantasize in shower? To get that erection before you put dick in. Imagining fucking someone who I would be able to fuck in real life seems to help. Not thinking about stressful things seems to help. Anything else seems to help you guys? Imagining scent/feeling/sound? Location...
  5. D

    Hi Any Other Black Guys Out There Feel Small Because Of The Sterotype?

    Hey I'm interested in talking to other black guys out there who feel somewhat inadequate because of the stereotype. Like ive mentioned in previous posts I'm about 8.2 BPenis EnlargementL x 6" Girth and girls sometimes seem a little dissapointed when they see thats all I have..... and dnt get...
  6. T

    Recommend a stretching device for a newb + another question

    I've been following the DLD beginner routine for about a month now. I started doing it every other day, then worked up to the point where I've done 4 days in a row now and plan on taking tomorrow off as I work towards the goal of 6 days in a row with 1 day off. I'm currently a pathetic 5.5...
  7. F

    WTF!!! couldnt get hard

    OK, today I did a favor for a girl that lived down the street. A hottie i might add. Well in return she insisted she give me a blow job,OK GREAT!!!!!! I have been doin Penis Enlargement for about a month and a half now. I have not have had any gains. Well when she wanted to give me head i...
  8. R

    Ron Paul

    can anyone stateside reliabley inform me about the level of exposure Ron Paul is recieving on the major networks for his landslide Republican Presidential debate poll victories? keep pushing
  9. V

    And Finally After Two Years>>> Vkay Gains!!!

    Hey everyone. I haven't had too much of a presence at MoS over the past several weeks. As you know, in I tried a 7 day on, zero day off routine for 5 weeks with no gains and I got lured into the whole IPR protocol. I decided to take an extended break from Penis Enlargement and it...
  10. B

    Anybody/IS 2 hours jelqing 2 much?

    I get in an hour (about 50 mins) in the morning and usually if not to tired another 50 min session at night. Anybody else do 2 hours, anybody think it's to much? Anybody on this board do more than that??, anybody...... Once I achieve the length I want, one day I'll most likely do 3 one...
  11. V

    Conclusions of The Perfect Penis

    Just finished watching the program. Here are some concluding remarks about the 47 minutes and 40 seconds show. Mr. Mark = Legally retarded. whatt the fuckkk was that? eww. just fucken wrong. eww. That kid, got ripped off. 3/8th of an inch for $4000. he woulda made more...
  12. S

    Hot Nb Action! And alot of important q's

    Greetings all. I am starting here for various reasons, the biggest being I want to better please my woman...isn't that the best reason? I am 18 in 4 days and I am not new to this idea, just now I trust it more. I first stumbled upon JelQing at 8....didn't believe it would work and stopped after...
  13. Priapologist


    I have been doing some research on penis-specific ligaments and fascia and was surprised to learn that these tissues have more elastin than collagen, the opposite of what I had learned about the rest of the body. This makes sense since the penis has to stretch more than any other anatomic...
  14. koooky

    Circumcision operation questions--the way it should have read

    Neo Enigma Neo Enigma is offline Registered User Join Date: May 2005 Posts: 2 Neo Enigma is on a distinguished road Circumcision operation questions Hey I'm a 20 year old male and I'm uncut.. I was thinking about getting circumsized but its gonna cost like $5000 so I was going to...
  15. koooky


    Ok Kong... I will address our recent debate or disagreement on polls here, as to not to hijack someone else's post on an entirely different subject. First, lets get this straight, I only disagreed with Graves ONE statement that "Also, most polls suggest that women by far prefer un-cut...
  16. Chi

    My pics.

    This is my BPenis EnlargementL at May 1st, 2005.
  17. somegirl_humper

    cross taping?

    how? how do i cross tape. most of my foreskin is gone and i would like to combo it with Penis Enlargement which i hear will definitly get me more gains. thx a lot.
  18. Priapologist

    Gravepenis log

    "It's log, it's log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood." BPenis EnlargementL: 8.0" EG: 5.9" Routine: 1) DLD's Noob Routine modified for my high exit point, more emphasis on downward and BTC stretches, using a Captn's Wench. As many days per week as I can. 2) Hanging with either...
  19. DLD

    Now The World Knows....MOS

    SEE ARTICLE Size matters Mike Salvini is an evangelist for natural penis enlargement, a weird and scientifically unproven way of upsizing the male member. And thousands of men are going to great lengths to follow him. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Peter Rubin March 24, 2005 *|* At 6:30...
  20. DLD

    DLD's Expressive Stretching: Possibly The Missing Link to Massive Length Gains

    Expressive Stretching is 12 years old! Crazy how time flies!

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