1. 92tmorgan


    Im about 4 months in and only able to do about a 180 degree bundle. Will this affect my gains? Is there something I can do to help this or does it not matter?
  2. dangerMOS

    Longer Term Bundled Stretches With X4/Sizegenetics

    Hey, Danger back from the grave. Been working on a couple of different ideas! Here is one of them: Recently I was able to get an absolutely amazing feeling one-half turn hands-free Bundled stretch by using the noose strap on an X4/Size Genetics style device. I had it on the absolute minimum...
  3. megamike

    Question about bundled stretches

    Is it normal for my penis to be shorter if I add another half turn (I was already doing one full turn) or is that a sign that I added another half turn too early?
  4. Perestroyka

    Bundling during weight hanging. Intense session!

    Just finished my hanging session few minutes ago, I was with my thoughts and all of a sudden idea came up, what if I bundle dick a bit? Guys I swear to God you are not gonna believe it but bundled weight hanging is just crazy, I am sore and my susp ligs are out BOTH OF THEM. At first when idea...
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