1. MoreThanLuck

    A Biologists study of the Penis

    I saw this at another forum, and was interested because it is a TED talk. These are always thought provoking to me. I'm hoping to get some conversation with regards to bundled stretches after you see this biologists view of the tunica at the microscopic level :
  2. runningignus

    Under a work uniform

    Does anybody wear their PF under a work uniform like Cintas or whatever? I work with steel and using a bandsaw and CNC machines. I keep my clothes snug so they won't snag on anything but will it hinder the use of the PF while at work? Like the waist strap and I know people will see the knee...
  3. M

    Science says Size Matters! Bob Weber, The Canadian Press Published Monday, April 8, 2013 9:28PM EDT Last Updated Monday, April 8, 2013 10:22PM EDT Science has spoken and, yes, gentlemen, size does matter. A newly published study by...
  4. G

    What to look for in a protein powder?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what to look for/what makes a good protein powder? Also, if you have any suggestions on specific brands that would be great. I have used whatever protein powder was on the shelf at the grocery store for awhile now, but I have a...
  5. T

    Cell division and the all day stretcher (theories, ideas)

    So, I've been thinking. How fast do cells divide? Is wearing an ADS for one hour, ten times, any less (or more) effective than wearing it for 10 hours once? Let's do some math. ;) Let's take a flaccid penis that when fully stretched out is 4 inches in circumference. (Pretty typical I'd...
  6. B

    Evolution And The Penis

    by Paul A. Courtesy of AltPenis I read once about an old aboriginal custom of matching women to men on the basis of penile and vaginal compatibility. Small, "deer" men were matched with deer women and the large, "buffalo" men were matched with buffalo women. How they came to determine just...
  7. 9

    Girl Leaves Me Again!

    My brotha's my brothas my brotha's.... it is now 12:57 and the girl is gone. Before she came, like an hour before, I took REAL CIALIS 20MG, the yellow pear shaped one that says c20...THE WHOLE PILL!!!!! She came in....tiny bit of foreplay...and i was ready to go... but i didnt go at the...
  8. K

    If Jesus would return?

    What do you think would happen if Christ returned to today's society? I think if someone claiming he was the Christ returned, he would be quickly mocked and jailed.
  9. DLD

    Does Size Matter? (Incredible Article)

    Does Size Matter? CULTURAL ON THE MATTER OF SIZE The young girl stands in front of the mirror. Never fat to begin with, she’s been on a no-fat diet for a couple of weeks and has reached her goal weight, 115 lb., at 54—exactly what she should weigh, according to her doctor’s chart. But...
  10. A

    Taiwan Top NEWs

    nope im not taiwanese. nor am i in there.. but there is this article i read from a site.. Summary: A whale blows up in taiwan. and go read the last few paragaph of this article. very funny lol.. ------------ Title:Thar she blows! Dead whale...
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