1. B

    In your opinion, who is the BIGGEST member in the brotherhood?

    I havent been a member too long and ive only met about 15 members, but my vote would have go to DLD.
  2. Lightning

    Is the Average Black Man Penis Size Bigger than the Average White Man Penis? Video

    DLD talks about black penis size <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Ronin_OZ

    Can't open images

    Hi everyone, when I see a post with an image attached. I click on it and nothing happens. Why? Do I have a setting wrong in my browser or do I need to be a full member?
  4. J

    Story and Routine. Suggestions wanted

    Hello my beloved MOS Brotherhood. Hope youre doing good. Going to start this log to keep myself motivated, track my success and maybe motivate and help some others! But first iam going to share my Story with you, to show you that its never to late to get your shit together and start working...
  5. B

    Starting over with my results

    So im a noob, but ive posted on MOS before, however my asshole of a roommate got into my lap top and deleted all my progress pics and my account. Not just this one... every social account i had. Then before deleting my pics , he sent them to my friends and FAMILY to screw me over.As anaken...
  6. I

    Average Size - Grow VS Show - New Thinking...

  7. M

    My results from 1 yr of jelqing

  8. L

    Erect jelquins and masturbation

    Recently i have had quite intense orgams while im jelquin erect evertime i jelq after finishing some jelquin i start rubbing my glans and takesvery little time before shooting it feels great .Gonna continue whit erect jelquin maybe for the next months along whit some stretching.hope i get...
  9. higherone

    Be New to MOS? Introduce you're self here!

    Welcome to Matters of Size- The world's best penis enlargement program on the Internet! But we're much more than this. Penis Enlargement, or penis enlargement, also increases sexual stamina so you can last longer in bed, and erection and orgasm quality, so you're getting maximum pleasure out...
  10. DLD

    Bathmate and Newbies, How to Make Huge Gains Fast!

    Get a Bathmate Hydromax, Bathmate X-40 or Bathmate X-40 Realize Instant Usable Size! Perfect for Girth and Length Expansion! ORDER DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER USING THIS LINK I thought I should make a post on this topic as I get many questions about the Bathmate and newbies wondering how to...
  11. C

    fuck thundersplace

    thundersplace is shit first they suspend my account for writing slang which is fair enough and now they have banned me completely for no reason!! all i was doing was putting up videos of extreme hanging and stuff wankers prob was also the comment in my post saying that i wasnt a newbie after the...
  12. B

    Intense stretching

    Ok...My dick is going to get bigger if "it" wants to or not...anyway, I stretched the hell out that shit yesterday...I'm six inch when fully erected so I i stretch to 6.15 flacid for about an hour. I tied some light weights to it and played my video game while it hung there stretching for an...
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