big dick

  1. B

    Pumping after my jelqing session . 7.7ā€

    After workout pump šŸ˜Ž
  2. V-TAX

    Overtraining on purpose for maximum gains?

    I`m a newbie and I`ve been thinking. Is it possible that If I take no days off, no matter how fatigued my penis will be and no matter that I wont be able to achieve erections at all, would this force growth in big amounts? I mean, I hope this wouldn't destroy or kill my penis, I`ve never done...
  3. N

    new to this

    I'm Log and I'm starting out with 7.75 inches fully hard naturally!! I'm looking to add 3 or 4 more inches in length and another inch or 2 in girth!!! What would any of you monster cocks out there suggest as a starting point?
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