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  1. F

    9x6 in 2 years, can I make it?

    I'm technically new to PE, but I know about it makes some years, so I already have read the newbie guides from here and some other forums. I'm currently 7.5BPEL x 5EG, that's my natural size. I wanna know if it's possible to make it 9x6 in 2 years? And can I make at least 1 inch in length this...
  2. N

    new to this

    I'm Log and I'm starting out with 7.75 inches fully hard naturally!! I'm looking to add 3 or 4 more inches in length and another inch or 2 in girth!!! What would any of you monster cocks out there suggest as a starting point?
  3. bombdick

    Bombdick BD Quest to a girthy 9

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my BD (Big Dick) Journey to 9" NBPEL with around 7" of girth! Starting from a little over NBPEL: 6" with a 5.5" girth Goal: NBPEL 9" with over 6.5" girth... maybe 7" Tools: x40 Hydromax Extreme Size Genetics w/ extra elongation bars and...

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