bent dick

  1. DLD

    DLD Peyronie’s and Bent Penis Routine

    DLD Peyronie's Routines DLD Peyronie’s and Bent Penis Routine Shaping Your Penis Overview Matters of Size techniques can be effective in most cases of Peyronie’s disease and/or bent penis disorder. By using pressure and stretch, you will be able to even out the sides of the penis. This is the...
  2. blabla182

    shaft soft spot's

    i was wondering if anyone else has them they are like base girth is at 5 3/4 now right after that its like 5.5 now when i jelq i grab at the base start to move up the whole shaft expands but at that spot my hand kind of like zips right buy it then catches again and continues the...
  3. G

    Having sex with a (different) woman

    Hi I recently had sex with a friend of mine, and although it felt pretty good, it could have been much much better. She had a really tight pussy, and the way she moved on top was different from what I usually experience with other women. She did some kind of pelvic motion, not going...
  4. DLD

    SSJ's Slow Squash Jelq: Nothing Give Me Better Expansion!

    This is a repost from a thread that was deleted and I could not retrieve so I want to take this opportunity to be as clear as possible with the description of it as I feel nothing has trained GIRTH better for me than this exercise. MENTAL STATE: Highly sexual. I look at a session with the...
  5. J

    where is the best place for a curve

    Where is the best place to have an upward curve? Mine starts about a half an inch from the base and lasts about an inch and a half.
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