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    "Buffer Period" Before a Big Night

    So, I've got big sex plans this Saturday. Have been PE'ing daily for several weeks now. I was wondering if anyone backs off their standard routine a little bit if they know there's a specific night they don't want any soreness, fatigue, reduced EQ, etc. I haven't had any negative PIs or...
  2. B

    BDShots's Progress Towards 7x5.5

    Hi all, I will be keeping a log here of my journey to gaining 1.5" in length and 1" in girth. Current stats: 5.5" NBPEL x 4.5" MSEG Goal: 7" NBPEL x 5.5" MSEG As of right now, my routine will be: Length Warmup 5 minutes bundled stretches 10 minutes basic directional stretches 5...

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