bathmate x40

  1. Sycheaus

    Hydro7 too small???

    Hey brothers, I haven't been using a bathmate for a few months, I packed my hercules a year or so ago, started to get too tight, so I got rid of it and took a break, got an x40 and found it too big, used it for a while but noticed it wasn't giving me any length gains anymore so I got rid of it...
  2. F

    Selling Bathmate X40 Xtreme

    Im selling my extra Bathmate X40 Xtreme in perfect and unused condition. I am moving soon and want it gone asap so please feel fee to call/text me at 951-445-3069 for questions. $70 free shipping anywhere in U.S.
  3. F

    Size Doctor Extender

    Just got it and my girlfriend said it was a waste of money for me. Im 9 inches and she said I'm big enough. It's unused. I only opened the box to show you that I have the products. Feel free to text me for more pictures or questions. I will only accept payment through PayPal...
  4. FireDragonLeo

    Can't get seal on Bathmate X40 Extreme. Frustrated

    Got a Bathmate X40 Extreme a couple months ago. I've been using a Bathmate X30 for year and I get a seal on the X30 no problem. I got the X40 Extreme because I wanted to experiment with more vacuum and because of my erection angle (rather high) the top of my glans gets smashed into the chamber...
  5. icebreak023

    Bathmate X40 Valve Broken? Stuck...

    I bought the bathmate X40 about a month and a half ago and used it a few times. It worked fine in the beginning but for some reason, the valve is stuck and I can't pump any water out. I'm still within the 60 days return period as I bought it in 7/8/15. Can someone from Bathmate support help me...
  6. T

    Wanted: Bathmate X40, SizeGenetics Extender

    Hey guys, I'm looking for people who are interested in selling used-but-in-great-working-condition: 1) Bathmate x40 2) SizeGenetics extender system 3) A combo of the two at a reduced price. I've reached out to a few MoS members about used gear but have not yet heard back. If you have...
  7. M

    Bathmate x40 and fastsize extender $130 shipped

    Selling my less than month old x40. Blue with box and unregistered.Bought from Cleaned after every use,no chemicals,lubes or anything used inside besides soap. I am drug and std free. Only selling to get an X30. I will throw in a fastsize extender with everything you need to get...
  8. G

    Bathmate x40 and Size Genetics package deal!

    I'm selling my Bathmate x40 and Size Genetics in a package deal on e-bay. Starting $200 bid. If you would like me to come down. Offer.
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