bathmate extreme

  1. R

    Starting at 8, want 9 and then 10

    Hey what's up brotherhood, i think i started with PE at 15/16, now i'm 23 so i don't know which is part of the grow i have till now has been from stretching and which from puberty itself, also i have only nbp measure pics only because i don't get good pics from bp, i always try to go further...
  2. bombdick

    Measurement Marks - Extreme x30/40

    Does that comfort attachment at the base accounted for in reference to the measurement lines on the clear plastic part? In other words... If I hit 6.5" mark in the Bathmate Extreme, is it really 6.5" or is it above 6.5" because of the insert comfort pad?
  3. Bacheelor

    2 q :s about expansion and my BM extreme ONLY results after 21 days

    Hi DLD and the other dudes at MOS. I started using my BM extreme (ONLY PE) on the Jan 5: th, as of today Jan 26 : th. Usage of 21 days - 4 days off here and there for rest and i´ve gained 0,275 inch in erect girth, WOW:cool:. Don´t really know if i have gained any length where i might have...

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