1. K

    My current workout

    I'm not faithful to pe as I should and sometimes go weeks without doing any pe. No reason why but now I'm going to be dedicated and so far one solid week in the books. My current routine is 5 minutes in Bathmate then do 150 jelqs. I repeat this 3 times and at the end do 10 minutes of...
  2. L

    newbie bathmate/penomet question

    What happens on pumping a flaccid penis like with a Bathgate or penomet ? Do you get an erection in the pump, or the penis simply stretches/expands but remains soft.
  3. B

    Thinking about getting bathmate

    Hi guys, I am thinking about getting bathgate to increase the girth size. I have got a vacuum pump so does it work the same as the Bathmate or they are even better than vacuum pump? If I should go with Bathmate, I want to know if i have to use a bath or if i don't have to even if I should...
  4. J

    In The Beginning...

    Hi guys, I've been lurking round the forum for about 2 months and started my Penis Enlargement (Bathgate/manual exercises) properly on the 1st. I spent a few weeks in December getting used to the Bathmate, which included trying not to freak out when I was finished a Sesh and my dick had...