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    Bathmate extreme x40 routine and jelqing

    Hey DLD, hey guys, I have a question. I know you said that you would see fast gains if you use the bahtmate extreme consistenly almost every day along with jelqing. I have a busy schedule, my work schedule is not the normal 9 - 5. If I use the bathmate extreme x40 in the morning and then...
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    Bahtmate Issue: How to get rid of scabs when using the bathmate

    Hi DLD and crew, I have been using the bathmate for a while now and been getting really good expansion. I noticed that the rings that are left around my penis when I'm done with the bathmate actually turned into black scabs as I am brown skin. Have you guys ever had this problem? Have you...
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    Just bought my bathmate but can't get good suction

    So i just received my Bathmate and i just tried it out. It seems like im not getting good suction from this thing. I would pump it at least 5 times and try pulling it away from my body and it will come off easily. I saw a routine here where you do stretches with the Bathmate and it tell you you...
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    I want to buy cock ring,can u help me?

    Guys i want to buy cock ring to use after pumping?what is the ideal cock ring for u?maybe i ask sili question but i haven't try one yet.thx.
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    Question on gains from bathmate

    Hello All, I've been lurking around the forums for the passed week or so. I am finding very interesting things about guys that are able to gain inches in length and girth which is very motivating. I am below average which sucks and I have an amazing wife... so of course I'd like to...
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