1. DLD

    ABSilicone Sleeve Replacement: The MOS Sleeve NEED INPUT!

    I have seen a trend of ABSilicone not getting orders to guys or when they do it takes weeks. We want to resolve this issue but we really need your feedback. What is it about the ABSilicone Sleeve you like best? Is there a difference between the standard Phallosan sleeve and the ABSilicone...
  2. B

    antiturtling method for the gym

    As everyone who is hitting the gym lifting weights and training in generall is noticing a turtling of the penis because of the muscles that flex during this time. I am hitting the gym 5 times a week and i have the feeling that the turtling in the gym hurts my gains. What should I do or wear...
  3. jakb

    Show off your PE equipment

    Here is all of my Penis Enlargement equipment. Probably should have taken it in the bathtub as that is my main space of Penis Enlargement now. Accumulated all of this over years.

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