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    3 years doing PE: results (& a couple of questions!)

    Hi guys - Hope you're all well (and getting results!). I've been lurking on these forums for quite a while, so just thought I'd finally post/share my experiences. I've been doing PE for around 3 years now... these are my stats: Start: BPEL 6.7" MSEG 4.8" BPFL 5.2" MSFG 3.9" BPSPL 6.9" Now...
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    Complete newbie with quite under average size

    Hi I’m 23 m, I’m a complete newbie here with quite an under average penis size being - 2.5”- length flaccid 4” - girth flaccid And 4.2” - length erect 5” - girth erect Im looking to focus mainly focus on gaining length, adding about 1.5-2” to start so then I’m at least average. I’m quite...
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