Zoo sinkhole claims giraffe, ostrich


Jun 3, 2003
Zoo sinkhole claims giraffe, ostrich
Shreveport Times |
"A giraffe and ostrich at Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo apparently tumbled into a 15-foot-deep sinkhole caused by a burst water main and drowned sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning. 'Nothing but the ankles of the giraffe were visible when I went out there,' said Dr. Tyler Thomas, the zoo veterinarian. 'I'm sure he smelled that fresh, cool water bubbling up and couldn't resist it. We're just fortunate none of the other animals got curious.' ... He believes the 17-foot-tall, 3,000-pound, Rothschild giraffe was getting a drink when the 9-foot-wide sinkhole collapsed under his weight, causing the animal to tumble in head first. The ostrich, one of four female ostriches at the zoo the past four years, likely was standing beside the giraffe, Thomas said."

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