Yesss! Girth gains, woohoo!


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Hey guys! Thought i'd let you know that i've got an extra 1/8 of an inch to put me up to 5 5/8 girth, i know it's not a big gain but i've been stuck at 5.5 seemingly forever. I thought this may have just been a pump from a workout the day before yesterday, but it's still at 5 5/8 now nearly 2 days later (gonna start my next workout in about an hour). Needless to say i am feeling pretty damn good ;) , i attribute this to my new workout which i've been doing for around a week and involves the following:

Hot wrap
Jelqing for ~10 mins
Mini Supra slammers (I need to get a clamp to do these) ~ 20 mins
Regular Supra slammers for around 10-15 mins depending on how stuffed i am ;)

I was actually around 5 6/8 after the last workout and that was only with around a 90 percent erection, my poor fella was pretty tired by then rofl

I've got a good feeling at the moment that some good gains are on my way so wish me luck guys!


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Thanks mate! All the best on getting to 8nbp, i hope to be there also some day. I'm not sure whether to concentrate just on girth, or a bit of both, oh well, i'll just see what happens.

I had a great workout last night! Got a few red spots near the head, i haven't had those for AGES, 5.75 here I come!