yeehaw I made gains! Comment my n00b program plz


Jun 25, 2004
Hi all!

Im pretty new to Penis Enlargement and when I first saw this site (a month ago) I did not really believe in Penis Enlargement, its to good to be true I thought. But since a larger cock always is nice I desided to give it a try.

First I measured my dick and it was 5.8 inches in lenght and 5 in girth.

So I started doing the newby routine presented in the forums by DLD. Then I saw the videos posted by Gandolf(?) and desided to change my program a little.

Now Im doing:

Stretching 30 sek * 6 times in differant directions
The A-stetch for 30 sek * 4 times

Then I do maybe 100 wet jelqs to get a good pump
1. then I do 2 ulis and maybe 20-30 jelqs with each hand
2. then 2 horses and 20-30 jelqs with each hand then jump to 1. and so on.

all and all the routine takes about 60 minutes

And now today I mesaured and I had gaines about a half inch in both girth and length woohoo!!

Now I want comments on my routine, It feels pretty good and I wont measure my dick for another month, hopefully I will gain more by then.

/peace all Penis Enlargement:ers


Oct 19, 2003
hey dld can u also suggest a good newbie routine for me? i just want to make my penis longer for now, i dont care bout makin it fatter, etc.. il do that when afterwards.. so if u know and good suggestions i would really really appreciate it! :)
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