XG's Superset: Road to Length 2004

Jun 15, 2003
"XG's Superset: Road to Length 2004"
As everyone knows, I am trying to get the most length out of my penis as possible, and in this desire, I have tried my work at creating supersets (In the path of DLD, Supra, SWM, and all of the other greats). I call XG's Length Superset.

Here it is:
Downward Stretch for 30 sec
"BTC Rocker" for 30 sec
"Left Leg Stretch " for 30 sec
"Rigth Leg Stretch " for 30 sec
10 DLD Blasters
Rotary Stretch for 30 sec
I do about 6-8 sets of this superset.

BTC Rocker
Get in a downward stretch and lean back. While in this stretch , rock the penis to the left and right.

Left/Right Leg Stretch
Pull penis back behind the left/right cheek while standing. Begin to lean back to get a good pull.

*This is my first attempt at a superset, what do the Penis Enlargement greats think? I do Phase I Stretches to warm up.*
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Jan 29, 2004
"XG's Superset: Road to Length 2004"
I might try this, im working on length and will use this to supplement my hanging routine

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