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Sep 25, 2003

I'm new to the whole tie up your girl or blindfold her thing but my new GF would be game even though she's never done it before.

Any of you guys have experience with this? My real question is do you guys have any recommendations for wrist cuffs or blindfolds...any links to actual products or websites that sell 'em would also be greatly appreciated....

I'll keep you guys posted....Thanks in advance for the help

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Jun 16, 2003
I've done this a few times in the past with women I've been in
relationships with, but it was never a regular thing; however, I
will say that for all of them, it was something they remembered
for a long time and frequently talked about, so women dig this
stuff if done right.

I've never bought any 'toys' specifically for this, I usually
just kind've went with it at the spur of the moment and used
whatever I could find nearby.

For tying them up, I've used the belt on bath robes before which
I find are pretty good (they're long and they're usually made of
a soft material -- cotton, silk-something-another, etc). I used
to practice martial arts and sometimes thought about using some of
my uniform 'belts' on occasion but never did so. Anywho, just
throwing out ideas. Normally, I just tied them to the headboard
in whatever way I could find, and usually this was just their
hands, I left their legs/feet alone.

As for a blindfold, I recall using one of those night masks once;
the ones people wear to cover their eyes from light when they
try to sleep. My ex had one of these and it was perfect for this
stuff. I highly recommend blindfolding them, and here is why...

Whenever I've done this with women, I usually tried to find things
laying around the house/room to touch them with while they were
tied up. My ex had a leftover Halloween outfit in her closet
that had some feathers or something on it, so I grabbed some of
those once. Also, don't just use "soft" things either, get anything
with a nice texture on it. Obviously, this kind've situation
means there is a lot of trust involved, so don't get the cheese
grater (heh), but something like those "exfoliating gloves" you
can put on in the shower are great for this. Just anything with
an interesting texture that will stimulate her skin as you lightly
rub it over her.

To drive them wild, I used to tease the hell out of them and have
them begging for sex. Don't just climb on top of her and start
rubbing her: tease her, drive her mad. I usually tie them down
on the bed, blindfold them and then step back, moving in on occasion
to make some light touches here and there all over their body. Don't
just go for the breasts and between her legs, touch her all over.
Then retreat. They usually end up begging for you to touch them
again as the sensations are multiplied due to the fact they're
blindfolded, the slightest touch brings them great pleasure.

I like to touch them in a few places on one side of their body and
usually they'll try to roll or turn that way, wanting more, then
I'll quietly run to the otherside of the bed and attack from that
side, heh. It's actually quite fun to toy with them like this (all
in good fun, of course).

Occasionally, I'll move in close and whisper things to them; she
may try to reach out to kiss you, don't let her. A flick of
the tongue on a nipple here, a light kiss on the stomach or leg
there. Just keep up the game, tantalizing torture. Occasionally,
I'd even step back and do nothing at all; no sound, no touching,
nothing. They go absolutely crazy after awhile if their body isn't
being simulated, so much so that the second you touch them in the
slightest way, they love it and moan like mad, begging for more.

Damn, this brings back some good memories. Of course, I'm not
dating anyone now, so I guess in this case I'm the one getting
tortured by thinking about all of this and how fun it is, hehe.


Sep 25, 2003

Thanks for the reply...good stuff....I'm already a monster teaser in the bedroom but I know that once I blindfold my girl the effects will be multiplied by at least 10 :)

And I agree the best will be to do it as a spur of the moment thing...I'm thinking I'll even feed her some stuff like fruit chocolate whatever before I feed her the real deal...LOL...I know she'll be thinking about it for a long time...most guys are very lame in the bedroom, so doing this kind of stuff instantly sets you apart from all the other boring guys....

in fact for all you fellas obsessing over penis size I guarantee you that if you are fun and exciting in the bedroom and do these kinds of things the girl will think of you just as often if not more than some guy who just happened to be a little bigger than you...

take your sex to the next level....

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