Jun 3, 2003
"WoW i actually have an update"
Last Measured size: 7 1/4 BPenis EnlargementL x 5 EG
Now after 24 hrs Rest: 7 1/2 BPenis EnlargementL x (havent measured girth yet)

I must admit I'm gettin pretty happy. I measured again after Jelqing today and got up to roughly 7.65 BPenis EnlargementL with a ROCKHARD erection. I know that that is only temporary but just the thought of "damn soon it will get there and even higher!" is gettin me all in a frenzy. I wanna sit here and just jelq all day now but i know i wont get nowhere then :)

I did Modify my routine again. I was gonna do supra slammers but i think that its too much of an intense exercise for me right now. I had pretty much went back to the newbie routine which seems to be doin pretty good right now. At one point my flaccid stretch would only go up to my belly button but now i can get the whole head past my belly button now. I believe I can thank my gains from doing Mostly upwards stretching and DLD pulse upwards stretching , and SO stretching with DLD pulses. I also stretch in all directions but i focus on upwards mostly. What I have been doing for the past couple of days have been focusing on not only upwards stretching but stretching to the Left and right side as well. My routine looks pretty much like this now (and im sure im gonna stick with it for awhile)

5-8 min Hot Wrap
6-7 Min Manual Stretching
15 Min Jelq (10 minutes palm up 5 min palm down)
10-20 min manual Stretching (or higher)
clean off in warm water

So basically my average routine will be about 40 minutes but can be up to an hour if i decide to stretch more. I believe Stretching AFTER jelqing has helped me alot cuz I can stretch much better afterwards than before. I will also try to get in a stretch here and there throughout the day if i can.

I will post again if i have any new updates.

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