World's Worst Kisser -- Help!


My girl and I don't really have much passion in our kisses, or at least I don't feel I kiss her well enough. I think it has to do with our inexperience.

As opposed to television kissing, and my previous relationships... there's very little movement when I kiss this girl. Our lips lock and our tongues play, anywhere from a minute to fifteen minutes, before either of our jaws move. And that's only to end the kiss and move onto another one. Generally, she doesn't complain, but I just feel what I am doing (or lack of) is boring. I want more action; I want this girl to love my kisses!

I've asked her time and time again, to "kiss me the way you want to be kissed", but I don't really end up anywhere with it. She feels that I kiss just fine. I am a perfectionist, though. I've tried to add more jaw movement, or more head movement... but I end up "half-kissing" her, when she seems to enjoy our tongues entwined. I've mixed in some short, light kisses before deep long ones, as well. My kiss is neither magical nor marvelous, and I don't know what I've done wrong.

--- So, how do you kiss? Walk me through it, show me how to leave her begging for more! Thanks for your help!
aright bro....first thing u need to do is close ur eyes and relax!! dont think too much about what ur doing. a few pointers to have do need to move ur jaw more just relax with it tho. u should also try to suck on her bottom lip and try and stay away from using tooo much tongue. girls dont like it when they feel like theyre deepthroatin while kissin lol. and ur faces shouldnt be locked for more than a few seconds before a head turns or a jaw moves or somethin...anyway ive never tried to teach it b4 so i dunno how accurate it is...just give it a try and good luck!!


One thing that drives my girl crazy is when I tell her to close her mouth - not tight though - and I lick her lips. Nothing too heavy and not a lot of flicking, keep it light and sensual. It won't last longer than a minute or two before she can't stand it anymore and will open her mouth to contribute .

Other than that, definitely move your jaw more. Like yamz says, just be natural. Don't think too much about your technique, instead just do what feels good to you. If your girl shows any signs of change then go with it and do the same.


focus on the upper lip....gets my chick everytime, kiss her...curl your tongue up and glide across the inner-upper lip then continue the kiss...don't end up slobering on the upper lip, just glide :)


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Dude, women are almost repulsed by me, it seems sometimes. lol Hell, might as well laugh about it.

So, I'm not one to to give any substantial amount of advice here, but I will nonetheless. Many years ago when I was considerably younger, at a Hank Williams Jr. concert, I had my first real passionate kiss with some chick my buddy was dating, while he stood a few feet away cool with the whole thing. You'd have to know the situation. Anyway, I wasn't totally fucked up beyond belief, but had a nice buzz going on. I think as I started to kiss her, I thought "Fuck it! Who give a shit if I'm any good or not?". After all, I was having a good time, what? It was fine, because I wasn't uptight. It seemed so natural and pleasurable, enough so that I could tell she enjoyed it.

Try and duplicate that, as I try to. If you think it's nervousness, chug a couple 40s of Old English...certainly followed by a few breath mints, before you know you see her next time. ;)
Penguinsfan - chug a couple 40s of Old English...certainly followed by a few breath mints

Damn straight....the OE does it for me!!!
The information given here so far is superb...the only thing I can think to add would be that you might to try is not only lightly sucking on her bottom lip, but also very lightly nibbling on it. Not necessarily for a long time, keep it short, otherwise she'll think you're turning into Hannibal Lecter on her ass.

But you have to remember, everyone kisses different, and there is no universal maneuver that's going to feel good to everyone. You just need to practice more, and with practice comes not only confidence but technique as well.

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