Worker on trial for alleged slaughterhouse spree


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Jun 3, 2003
Worker on trial for alleged slaughterhouse spree
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"[Mohammed Mustaf Mohammed] has been accused of fatally stabbing 47-year-old workmate Peter Edward Murphy at the Ovens River abattoir in Yarrawonga, in northern Victoria, on March 24 last year. He also faces charges for the attempted murder of co-workers James Michael Regan, 47, and Michael John True, 25... Mohammed, who was 'proficient' in the use of knives, [allegedly] used one of his work knives to strike Mr Regan in the neck while he had his back turned. Mr Regan was stabbed several times before Mohammed ran away, [Prosector Sue Pullen] said. Mohammed's next victim was Mr Murphy, who heard some commotion and was stabbed twice when he went to investigate. Ms Pullen said the father-of-five's stab wounds - 17 and 13 centimetres deep - penetrated several vital organs including his liver, colon, kidney and spleen. Mohammed was wielding two work knives and chased Mr Murphy for about 160 metres before he was able to get away, Ms Pullen said. Mohammed then turned his attack on Mr True, jumping on top of him as he tried to run away and stabbing him several times."