Woman pleads no contest to torture killings


Jun 3, 2003
Woman pleads no contest to torture killings
KIRO-TV 7 Seattle |
"Michelle Knotek acknowledged that a jury would most likely have found her guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter in the deaths of Kathy Loreno, 36, and Ronald Woodworth, 57, if the case had gone to trial... Knotek and her husband, David, were arrested in August 2003 after their daughters told police their parents had tortured and killed three people at their farmhouse in Raymond over a period of 15 years... Prosecutors allege Michelle Knotek repeatedly beat and abused [Kathy Loreno], a former hair stylist who lived with the Knoteks in the early 1990s. Investigators believe she died soon after moving in with the Knoteks in 1990."

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