Woman Loses Day Care Job for Having Sex on Video


Jun 3, 2003
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A Clarksville woman who admitted engaging in a videotaped sexual act with a female employee will not regain her day care license.

A panel sitting in front of administrative law Judge Marion Wall today upheld the state's decision to revoke the Angels R Us day care center license. Owner Susan Deering cannot reapply for a license for a year.

The videotaped incident occurred with 20-year-old Amanda Renai Rye in January at the home which doubles as a day care center. The state said it culminated a series of incidents that made officials take action.

Deering's attorney Sheri Phillips said in her opening statement that*Rye had an "ax to grind" with the Deering family, and that no children were present during the filming.

"Before her license was revoked, the testimony will show there were no prior problems until March," Phillips said Wednesday.

Tennessee Department of Human Services officials do not allege children saw any activity. But DHS lawyer Jim Allan said doors in the house were normally unlocked, and records show children were at the day care facility in the next room from where the acts took place.

"It's not what they did in their private life, it's that there were children present in the home," said Michelle Mowery Johnson, spokeswoman for the Department of Human Services.

The day care opened in 2001 and had received good ratings from the state. If Deering is still found to have violated DHS rules, she cannot apply for reinstatement for a year.

Clarksville Police detective John Nichols testified Wednesday he received consent multiple times to search the property following a complaint March 3 from Amanda Rye. Rye was fired the day of the complaint, in which she and her boyfriend, Matthew Carfi, alleged drugs were at the property.

Nichols didn't find drugs during his search March 4 but discovered commercial pornographic videos , an unloaded handgun and hunting knives in an upstairs bedroom closet.

"I found nothing to charge either of them criminally," Nichols said. "My concern was that (the items) were easily accessible to anyone in the house."

Nichols testified another investigator found a gym bag that had sex toys and a video camera with a tape of Deering and Rye that he viewed.

"Two women were engaged in a sexual act," Nichols said in describing the images. "There's nothing wrong with that."

Deering's husband, Steve, admitted to investigators that he and Carfi agreed to swap partners and "engage in sexual acts with the other's partner," the license revocation notice stated. "Ms. Deering additionally stated that this complaint is Mr. Carfi's attempt to seek revenge as he holds the Deerings responsible for his girlfriend's alleged indiscretions."

Susan Deering said at the suspension hearing March 9 that the sexual acts happened later than first alleged. She also said children were not present at the time of the acts. DHS officials say Deering changed her story.

Deering can appeal the verdict*to Chancery Court.
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