Woman arrested after alleged FGM party


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Jun 3, 2003
Woman arrested after alleged FGM party
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"The arrest this week of a 63-year-old woman in Burkina Faso accused of circumcising 16 young girls has brought home to many that genital mutilation is still widespread in the west African state, despite being outlawed eight years ago. Adama Berry was arrested Monday in a neighbourhood of the capital after an anonymous phone call alerted the country's anti-excision watchdog to the illegal mass circumcision... Barry, who has been arrested six times for performing genital mutilations, lay the girls on the ground and sliced off parts of their genitalia under driving rain. One neighbor said the excisions were carried out 'in the backyard, where they usually kill chickens.' ... A gynaecologist at the clinic where the girls were taken afterwards described the mutilation: 'Fifteen of the girls had all or part of their clitoris removed. The two-year-old had her clitoris and labia cut off.'"