Woman allegedly gives birth, abandons baby in bar bathroom


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Woman allegedly gives birth, abandons baby in bar bathroom
ABC News |
"A Denver woman allegedly high on cocaine gave birth in a sports bar restroom, stuffed the infant in a trash can and then continued bar-hopping with her friends, authorities said. Erin Pendleton, 29, was formally charged today with first-degree murder and child abuse. Police said the body of her infant son was found early June 26, just hours after another woman allegedly dumped her newborn in a Denver trash bin... Eventually one of the friends became concerned and went to look for Pendleton in the bathroom. She told authorities that when she found Pendleton, there was blood on both Pendleton and in a bathroom stall. According to the affidavit, Pendleton told her friends she had just passed a kidney stone. The women then left the bar and went to the home of one of the friends, where Pendleton borrowed some clothes to replace her bloody outfit. After changing, she left with her friends for another bar, where they continued drinking, the affidavit said."


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