Witch doctors arrested after 50 corpses turn up


Jun 3, 2003
Witch doctors arrested after 50 corpses turn up
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"Nigerian police said on Thursday they had arrested 30 witch doctors on suspicion of carrying out human sacrifices after finding 50 mutilated bodies and 20 skulls in an area of thick bush known to local people as the 'Evil Forest.' Police spokesman Kolapo Shofuluwe said most of the bodies found near Okija village in Anambra State in southeastern Nigeria were missing hearts, breasts, genitals or other vital organs... 'I have never seen anything this horrible in my life!' Shofuluwe said. 'Human beings butchered in such a manner! Some of the corpses are actually fresh.' ... Ritual killings are common in some parts of country, where some people believe they can accrue great riches by participating in macabre ceremonies. Others believe human body parts can be worn as charms to protect the bearer from physical or spiritual harm."

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