Do you think stretching for 30 seconds after going to the toilet 5-6 times a day is enough for length gains overtime?

And what amount of jelqs do you reccomend from having Penis Enlargement'd for 3 months nonstop with about 300 jelqs in a session sometimes less should i be doing more or more intense ones?

Thanks for the advice.


:D, um ....sorry but THREE MINUTES total of stretching per day? No, sorry man, but you need a lot more time than that. At the very least 30 minutes a day.

Someone else will come along and elaborate more on the stretching and jelqing soon I'm sure.


Yes i knew that this amount of stretching wasnt very much just wanted too know if it was possible to gain from it over time as i dont have much time or privacy.

All i have been doing is these jelqs and gained .5 inch length and .5 inch girth


I stretch whenever I get the chance. I have kind of made it a habit and yah I stretch whenever I get the chance.

I don't think casual stretching is comparable to a manual excercise workout or hanging with weights, but since I started stretching periodically throughout the day (such as on the toilet) I noticed my flaccid hang has gained a bit faster than when I was just doing manual excercises and hanging . No noticeable extra gains in erect length since I started doing this about 3 weeks ago, but I figure that just like with stretching muscles if you are a gymnast, stretching often is as important as stretching for a decent duration.

But heh, if you have to take a dump why not squeeze in some DLD Blasters or V-Stretches while you are at it.


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Yea, dong stretches when ya can i.e. when ya goto the loo will help over time, I have had many do this especially older men who are in a high profession with no time, they have todo it when they can, i.e the toilet.

Doing them every now and again while in the bog wont do any harm, better than none.
What others mean is this type of stuff aint gunna be the core of ya stretch sessions ...... which ya already know? its just extras when ya goto the shit-house.