Why I cant stand Courtney Love

Mar 26, 2004
she is responsible for kurt cobain's death. plain and simple, she used him and has been living off of his talent for years and is still trying too and is constantly fighting with former nirvana members over new singles and everything else. she is a disgusting drugged up brainless woman who disgusts me every time that i see here and for some reason people respect her and hold her up as the "queen of rock." she is no one without cobain and she knows it and the truth will come out, and by the way her music is horrible.

Heres some info.
(1) How coincidently that Courtney Love was arrested for possessing illegal drugs just days before Kurt was found dead in Seattle. Interestingly, the 911 call leading to the arrestment was made from Courtney's hotel room in California. Do you see the plot here? Did she try to make some evidence that she had nothing to do with Kurt's death?

(2) Why did Courtney hire a personal detective to locate Kurt when he ran away from a rehab in California? Didn't she know where her husband might be? Couldn't she find Kurt herself? Or she knew there was something terrible going to happen to him. Did she try to make it look like that she really concerned about her husband's safety?

(3) During the week of disappearance of Kurt Cobain, Courtney was stupid enough to terminate Kurt's credit card account which could help the police to trace down his location. After Kurt's death, someone was trying to access Kurt's credit card several times. Who was that? Could that be the murderer?

(4) Seattle police department assumed Kurt's death as a suicide case. They didn't want to get involved with all those Hollywood tabloids kind of troubles. Case closed. Moreover, the suicide note left at the scene was suspicious. Experts said that the handwritings were not consistent.

(5) It seemed that whoever Courtney touched got bad luck. Her bandmate, Kristen Pfaff, was found dead in Seattle in 1994 two months after Kurt's death. Though officially she died of heroin overdose; however, her family denied it. I didn't know Kristen's death until now that I started writting this article. It gave me a creepy feeling. I remember few years ago I read an interview of Courtney Love. She said that Kristen was a talented bass player and she could make it even bigger than she does if she left Hole. Kristen was found dead exactly the day before she left Hole and Seattle!

A rock singer, Eldon Hoke, revealed in the film, Kurt and Courtney, shot by Nick Broomfield in 1997 that Courtney offered him 50,000 dollar to kill Kurt. Eight days later, he was found squashed on the rail track in California. One more misfortune, Seattle police detective who investigated Kurt's case was murdered in 1996.

(6) Couple of people are the keys to this case and very suspicious. They are the people who saw Kurt in his last days. Kurt's good friend, Dylan Carlson, and his daughter's nanny who is an old friend of Courtney. Carson bought Kurt a shot gun which Kurt used to shoot himself. Why did Carson buy Kurt a gun in the first place? Didn't he know his best friend is suicidal? Carson must know where had Kurt been and had contacted with him.

The nanny stayed in Kurt's Seattle mansion for days. How come he didn't know Kurt was in the house especially when Courtney searched for him? He should know something about Kurt's death.

(7) Kurt Cobain was found dead with triple the lethal dose of morphine. So how could he put those drug kits neatly into a box few feet away from him after injecting himself with so much drug. Why was his wallet found open and lying beside his body? The idea for the police to identify his body was a total joke. No suicidal persons would ever do that.

Most important point is that there was no single identifiable fingerprint on the shot gun, the shell, or even the pen to write the suicide note. Imaging someone taking such a strong dose of drug, grabbing the gun and pulling the trigger... How come there are no any identifiable fingerprints? It just doesn't make sense.

dont get me wrong, im not a grunge guy or anything, i dont even own any music, i just remember when i was younger and seeing nirvana on mtv and constantly hearing about them and always having a respect for what he did, the man was a genius and most importantly he had integrity and arugably nirvana and the beatles will go down as the two most influential bands in the history of music.
Jun 4, 2003
Interesting points you make and I have never taken the time to really think about Cobain's death as a murder rather than a drug induced suicide.

I would like to offer a motive. Maybe someone killed him for making really bad music. :) I swear, it wasn't me. I was in my Washington state home at the time but I have an alibi.
Jun 4, 2003
I wish Kurt Cobain didn't die, then people wouldn't think he was actually talented and that Nirvana were good, no one would give two shits about him and Nirvana if he didn't die.

Terrible singer and a very terrible guitarist.