Jul 7, 2009
Growing up with some black friends, and in general guys with some huge package, one of them had a unit bigger than a 25cl coca cola bottle for example. I realized that i wasn't well hung, basicly all girl i had ever been with was bigger than me, and i hated it, it also affected me sexually, i had premature ejakulation and shit because i was nervous around my size. After doing some prosolution pills (which didn't have any effects at all) i measured it, and the results sucked ass, i was on the top of being small, so i decided to start doing the exercises but fell off the workout, and didn't even have a workout just did random stuff. and after a while i quitted it.

Some time after i found my old measurements and took new, and realized i had gains, not big but diffently gains, so i started on pe-gym which was nice, but i think that their way of seing things and mine was too different, then i stumpled across the matter of size dvd, which where the first time i really felt i could understand what they where doing, so started to follow the workout. and then ofcourse i tryed to find the source and ended up here. i know for a fact now that Penis Enlargement is possible and i think that the way MOS are exercising is the very best there is.

Also i might want to add, after reading TONS of sex books, i realized that size does matter, but not as much as people think. i read a book called sexgodmethod, and i gotta say, after reading that my skills in bed grew like a madman. The size is a good thing, because females love to feel dominated in bed and a big cock is a great way to make her feel like this little girl that is being taken advantage of by this big guy. But thats about it, most of a females nerves is in the first 1/3 of her virgina so after that its pretty much useless to be bigger.


Jul 25, 2004
I did it because I want to be hung like a porn star. Those chicks seem to REALLY enjoy it and it makes me feel like a child if I don't have a big dick. In my eyes, you're not really a man if you're not around 8". It is all about confidence for me and 8"+ would make me feel like a god. I have an extremely severe case of SPS (Small Penis Syndrome) and I feel like a chick will be thinking to herself, "Thats it?" when I'm with her. This must stop.


Aug 22, 2009
stretcharmstrng;349598 said:
if pe is real, why WOULDNT I do it?

And, like others have said, watching porn and seeing the girls eyes open wide with disbelief, made me feel a little self conscious about my cock. All I really want is about 7 inches in length , MAX, I don't want to have a monster.


Aug 24, 2009
I fell in love with a girl.

I got married when I was 19. Thought I was in love. Divorced at 25.
The first girl I dated after the divorce I ended up living with in a monogamous relationship until I was 28. Turns out we were better friends than boy friend/girl friend.

I really thought I loved those women. I cared for them, and it wrecked me when the relationships ended. Then...

I met another girl, and to put it mildly I fell in love.

I want to please her. More than anything in the world I want to please her. I'm average, 6" erect measured via bone press, 6.25 flaccid measured via bone press, 4.75 girth. I want to be bigger, for her. I'm comfortable with my shit, so is she, I just want to be bigger for her.

Sex is great with us. We both enjoy each others body tremendously, we both orgasm regularly, and there are times when we can't keep our hands off each other. As great as it is though, I know it can be better. I've never cared about a girl enough to try something like this, but for this girl I'll gladly take on a routine.


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Aug 16, 2009
This feels kind of strange setting this as my first post, but whatever. I guess I had the same thought that many other men have and have had; that we're self conscious about our size. I had been looking around for various ways to get bigger since I was about 15, but then stumbled across CheekyCherry when I was 16. I had already known about Penis Enlargement exercises when I found CC, but I had automatically assumed that, like the pills idea, that it was bs information. I started browsing CC a lot more and found various routines that seemed like it would actually do the trick, along with pictures of before and after. I figured, that since there was all this material online about it, especially concentrated so much in one website, that there was no way that so many people would place so much time and effort in something that didn't work.

I didnt really start doing Penis Enlargement consistently, and frankly, I still don't, even though I bitcHydromaxoan a lot to myself about my penis size. I tried it off and on throughout ages 16 to 18 now, and I still need to make a consistent schedule. I am now a fresHydromaxan at school, and I would like to start a routine tonight from today (September 2nd), to at least through December and have it as an everyday routine. I plan on making and keeping a journal for this, and will make the journal tonight.

My final goal is to be 8" BPenis EnlargementL and 6" erect girth. Does that sound like a reasonable acheivement in about four months time? I'm starting at 6.5"BPenis EnlargementL and 5" erect girth. Does anyone have a suggestion from the MoS site about a routine that would pull this off? I've been kinda following Thought Pro's Newbie routine for those of you who know what it is.

1. 5 minutes hot wrap warmup
2. 5 minutes of stretching consisting of 30-second stretches in each direction. Stretch Left, Right, Down, Up, and Straight out.
3. 150 Wet Jelqs lasting about 2-3 seconds each.
4. 5 mins hot wrap warmdown
5. Pat yourself on the back, workout complete :)

Sound good for a relative beginner?


Jun 28, 2008
I was 5.7 inches NBPenis EnlargementL. Most of the girls like bigger penises. No matter if this is because of man confidence or just the feeling the size, the fact is they like it bigger. I think 7-8 inches is ok. I am now on 6.1 inches and have to gain something to come to 7 inches. I have a friend, who is 7.5 inches. And all the girls like the size, they told him he is the perfect. I believe him.
I have been with lot of girls. Noone said, my penis is small, but I know it could be better. I am good looking guy and I can say I was with very beautifull girls, some of them also fotomodels, but I have to say that in some cases I didint fuck some hotties, because I thought I am to small or not that big...
I was involved in one orgy, with two really hot models. Two sportists, me and two models. They had bigger penises then me. It was shocking. My penis wasnt erect at all. When I want to fuck one girl in the ass (other friend was fucking her in the pussy at the same time) I had big problem with erection. She was dissapionted-and she told me... I know this problem came from my brains....but still. I want 8 incher. I have so many oportunities...I need bigger cock.


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Sep 10, 2009
Well i am sitting at 6.0" erect length . My girl keeps telling me that i have a BIG DICK...but i don't see it that way. When ever i look at my dick and see my balls hang lower it puts me down...i want a ..."shlong"....LOL every girl i have talked to they all say i want a BIG why not give them what they want. My girl is the only one that says she doesnt want a big dick...but i call BS:p


May 25, 2009
Well I think I'm a pretty good size to start off with 7-7.5 depends on my mood. I started cause I wanted to get it to 7.5 everytime. Plus I can feel my head hit a womens cervix on certain positions and I thought "If I get bigger I'll bottom out no matter what position I do!" LOL
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Nov 26, 2009
I'll join some of the others in making this my first post also... I'm almost 6'5 and altho I am at the top of average on el, I never felt my fl was what it should be. So it did affect my confidence in the gym and such. Plus when I was in the army, while most of the white guys were hung close to my size, there was one white guy who made everybody (regardless of race) look tiny:O. A few years back me and this one girl I have dated off and on for the past 10 years bought a pump more as a joke than anything, we tried it out, and when she saw the swolen me, she couldnt keep her hands off of me... used it off and on a few more times, more as a enhancement than for actual Penis Enlargement. Still in the back of my mind it was always there... never had a problem satisfying her or any others, and proper positions had no problem hitting bottom on any of them, and when done properly, and not just trying to rip it out, they all seemed to really enjoy when it was hitting bottom. I had learned various tantric techniques many years ago (part of learning that I am a "healer" which sucks at times when I become the 'dutch uncle' to girls I want to know in a different way, LOL) but still in the back of my mind it was always there, that with a bigger tool, it would only enhance the skills I had already learned. Anyways, the girl that I referenced in the beginning, is one of the ones you never suspect, prim, proper, soft spoken and a total freak in bed, including being into mild fisting. While she regularly does keigels, and can grip me extremely tightly, I had always thought it would be nice to fist her without using my 'fist' if you get my drift. Started thinking more and more about this and compared it to the people you see into radical piercings and such, had one friend that even tho he no longer has the super oversize ear (rings?) in his earlobes, his lobes are still huge, and realized if it would work for that tissue, which is not muscle, it should work most anywhere. Started researching more and found MOS. Read, absorbed, read and absorbed some more. Bought another pump and started using it here a few weeks ago, along with the keigels, added a extender here today and took the starting measurements. Told her and she is good with it, and is actually going to be the one doing the measurements to keep me honest, LOL... off on the journey I now go (which will be interesting, since I drive a truck, and while I cant do the various exercises all day long, I obviously CAN use the extender all day long!LMAO)

Nothing worth having is ever easily gained!!

Start 12-1-09

FL 3
FG 3.5

EG 4.5



Its a marathon, not a sprint!
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Jun 3, 2003
Found account details to a paysite back in 2001 via a porn passwords site, and bingo! tried it, gained, been here since.
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