Whos heard Slipknots new album?


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Jun 3, 2003
I am a BIG Slipknot fan, along with many other bands I like but they are a greatone for me.
Have ALL there albums includeing the rare demo one.
Anyways there newone comes out on May 25th and they released a song of it on the net ''pulse of the maggots'' I heard it and was like WTF this is not SLIPKNOT!!! Its good but not them.
Its fuckin Hardcore metal.
Peeps say they have gone heavyer, well I dont think so from that tune.
They remind me of New Yorks hardcore kings BioHazzard, that album UnCivillisatio, they have moved that way from this track, not a bad move but man its SO Different from say wait and bleed which I wasnt a fan of anyways or left behind which was AMAZING track.

I will no dougt get some more tracks of the net in the coming weeks as I CANT wait and MUST Hear more ... this band is SO Unique as they have crossed alot of genres.

There demo album ''mate feed kill repeat'' had ALSORTS on it, from jazz, buggie, death metal, rock etc to the 1st album which was self-titled and was more about adding samples and DJ effects in the tracks along with FAST and RAW muscianship and rapping.
The 2nd album ''Iowa'' was more MOODY, DARK and HEAVY than the others.
Had some really heavy shit on there, that MADE sense unlike say cannibal corpse which is just blah blah blah growl growl but I like them to, my point is Slipknot did heavyish and made-sense.
Theres tracks on Iowa that NEVER Made single and should have that would have blown peeps minds away.
Left Behind was a damn CLASSIC, amazing shit ... it got to 27 in the UK charts.
So I guess they have gone from finding there roots to Industrial rap type metal through to a more death/thrash metal edge, now moving onto a more Hardcore rock feelm kinda like Stone Sour the lead singer ''Corey Taylors'' side-band.

I will buy the album and anything else that comes along, I LOVE this band along with the Spanish death-metal crew Avulsed and the Aussies The Berzerker.

What do you metal fans think of this new track and slipknot.
No anti slipknot post, I dont want filthy nasty comments in here like from those web-boards.


I thought they split up, took of the sili masks and went on to do solo acts??


Oct 28, 2003
Personally I never liked Slipknot that much... the songs lack in melody completely, and most of them sound like a recorded rehearsal of any amateur garage band out there. They have a couple of good tracks, though. I loved ''Left Behind'' from 'Iowa'!

I love Mudvayne, though, which I suppose is a bit similar to Slipknot... but then again, it's totally different in every respect, when you think about it.

If you want some shit that's almost unbearably brutal, then download ''Addict'' by Slayer. There's very little growling in the song, just Tom Araya spewing out his hateful, evil lyrics in a voice that sounds like satan having an orgasm (now that was corny and stupid... I know)!!! It's a bonus track which was only released on the Japanese version of 'God Hates Us All', if I remeber correctly.
Anyway, the first time I heard it the hairs on the back of my neck literally stood up, and when the song was over, I was like 'whoa, what just hit me'? ;)
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