Who Do You Show It To?


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Jun 20, 2003
Okay everybody...
Here's my question: You spend weeks, months, YEARS doing Penis Enlargement to increase the size of your penis, and to have the best looking "package" in the neighborhood.
But like a great tattoo, or awesome new car - you want to show it off. Right?
Okay -- who do you guys find to show off your accomplishments in your Penis Enlargement progress?

(As for me, I envy the two Australian dudes who do the "Puppetry of the Penis" show that tours the globe. I find I'm a die-hard exhibitionist who's afraid of offending others or getting in trouble. What a conflict!!!)

-- Tripod


Jun 4, 2003
When I first got my digital camera in 2001 I took so many selfpix of edging and tantric sessions and wanted so badly for someone to see them, that I opened a Yahoo Group just to post them and show them off, totally exhibitionistic. As I soon learned, there's a world of amateur showoffs on the Web, men and women. Intense!

Now I just dig walking through the locker room naked or sitting with my knees slightly spread in the steamroom, not for any reaction, but because I finally feel bigger and a little heftier than the other guys.

Since I've been working on NPenis Enlargement, especially lately with all the girth work, I always look as if I've just had sex; kind of bloated and never shrunken.

It's great.


Oct 25, 2003
yea, you want to show off your work right? Well when I finally got that 7" hang I want, I'll probably take a little longer putting on nderwear and shorts, and walk around without atowel to the showers
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