White supremacists anticipating slavery demonstration


Jun 3, 2003
White supremacists anticipating slavery demonstration
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"A 'slavery reconciliation walk' on Sept. 29 is to start at City Dock, where slave Kunta Kinte was brought into the United States and where a memorial stands in honor of him. The unusual demonstration will include white marchers wearing chains and yokes while being escorted by black people, and everyone will wear T-shirts with a message of apology... But more than a month before the demonstration starts its 10-city U.S. tour, it's already attracting attention - of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, based in Hillsboro, W.Va... Shaun Walker, second-in-command of the National Alliance, counters that the march will do nothing to promote healing. Rather, it takes slavery and 'rubs it in the faces of white people and says they're guilty of something,' he said Monday from the group's headquarters in Hillsboro. 'There's no need to have white people in chains and white liberals volunteering for this nonsense.'"

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