Wheres After the shock?


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Has anyone heard from him at all, he helped through my first stages of Penis Enlargement and i just wondered if there was any place i could find him?
I'm sorry to tell you this but he died a little while ago, I don't know exactly what happened but I know Red does.

R.I.P AfterTheShock


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Hes gone, I told you all ages back, he had a stroke .... someone e-mailed me a whle back, it was his e-mail add'' said it wa shis wife and she was going thru his mail contacts, he had a biz' and all so she might of thought I was a contact, thats how I know.


Wow, I didnt know either. He seemed like a good guy from chatting with him on the Pride Penis site. Best wishes for his family.


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R. I. P. AfterTheShock, he was a good guy I talked to him on many occasions.



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R.I.P. AftertheShock. Everyone said you were really cool, I wish I had a chance ot meet you and become freinds, your posts were really great. Take it easy up there in Heaven man.

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