Where do i need to improve?


My BPenis EnlargementL is right at 7.5 and my Girth while erect is right over 5. Where should i improve? What excercises should i do? Ive done Penis Enlargement off and on over the last few months so im used to some fairly intesne stuff. I just dont always have time to do everything. So where do you guys think i should improve in Girth or length ? Id like to gain both at the same time but if you guys think one area needs more attention then the other just tell me. What i want is a dick that looks better and pleases a woman better. SO just suggest some things to do
I would continue doing exercizes for both length and girth, but would focus more on girth.


I was pretty close to your size a couple of months ago, and that's when I decided to work on girth because I thought 7.5 BPenis EnlargementL is a great size even if it wasn't quite my goal, but 5 girth definitely needed some work. So I've been focusing on girth mainly recently. I think once I get to 6 girth I'll back off on those and start to hit length again really hard so I can get up to 8 NBP.
I noticed that girth increases are much easier for me than length . My plan is to start focusing on length 'til i get to 8-8.5 before focusing on girth again. I still plan on doing girth exercizes, but my focus is on length .


I would also keep going after both. As said above, the "newbie routine" is actually a very good routine for anyone that can give great results in both areas. I personally (if I were in your sit.), would not take a break from girth work until I hit at least 5.75"ish.


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How is your non bone pressed length ? I started off with a 2" fat pad, which made my BPenis EnlargementL more impressive than it actually was. Just take a look at yourself and see what you think you need. I would suspect length , then girth, but I'm all about the show.


NBPenis EnlargementL Im right at 7 and all these measurements are fromt he side

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