Whats your BMI? (Body Mass Index)


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I am 5'11 180lbs My BathmateI is 25

Ohh I am so glad it says "Healthy Weight" lol

I want to gain 20 of muscle it says I will be overweight. I do not think this is for the muscle buffs.:fight:


Yea, If someone like Arnie or Stallone did this test when they were in their prime they would be considered obese!!
24. Wouldn't it be interesting to figure out the average according to different age groups? Being 51, I am very satisfied with 24.
You are considered “Hefty” and should finds ways to lower your weight, through diet and exercise.
(Index 26)

Har har har! rofl ...''hefty''... this is the first time in my life I've been called that!! I LIVE to diet and exercise, what with being a seriously dedicated young bodybuilder and all...

These tests are very inaccurate, since they don't take into account the muscle/bone density of the person, and this produces misleading results.


Consider this: Having too large a dick could kick you into the overweight range.
yea, pretty unaccurate, it should also take waist into acoount like some others do

btw I'm 170 and 5 feet 9 inches tall BathmateI:25

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