What's an affordable car to get?


Well, the title should explain all. But I should include some background information and see what everyone thinks. I'm an college student, so.. it's gotta be affordable.. I'm thinking 5 - 6k. Second hand no doubt. Insurance is definitely gonna kill me <:( . I was actually looking into the Honda Del Sol, or a Honda Civic Hatchbook, or something along those lines. Anyone with info on these cars or thoughts please chime in. I don't really know much about cars, so can someone post some informative websites as well?

I'd recommend a Saturn. I own one and the thing is a brick. 130k miles and still runs like new.

Also can't go wrong with a civic though.


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I just bought a used car and am pretty familiar with resale values right now.

If you are going with a car, I say Saturn hands down. They are really cheap right now, easy to maintain, reliable, and good fuel mileage. 6K should put you into a 2000 model or so.

I just bought a 2000 Jeep Cherokee(not grand cherokee). I paid 8800.00 for it and it is very clean. I love this thing. It has awesome pick-up, 24 mpg on the highway, straight 6 motor which has a very good reputation. Plus, SUV's are so nice as far as just opening the hatch and throwing stuff in the back. If you shop around, 6k would probably get you a 98 or 99 cherokee. Good investment on this one, because if you maintain it, it probably will not depreciate too far below this. Get a manual trans. if you can.


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Here is my theory on cars:

Buy them about 3 years old ( Now that would be a 2000 or 2001) so that someone else has already paid the full price and paid for the depreciation of your car. After about 3 or 4 years, the majority of the depreciation has ocurred, but if you buy a dependable car you will still get a lot out of it. Also, I dont believe in financing or paying payments on cars or insurance. I have never had a car loan and I pay my insurance in full every 6 month policy. Heck, I bought my first car in cash when I was 16. BUT I do realize this may not be realistic for many people. So do what ya gotta do.

Saturn is good. I second that. I like the Honda, Toyota, Nissan cars myself. But for Nissan and Toyota I only like the higher end models. The Honda Civic is the only more economical model I like among those. I would avoid Hyundai at all costs.

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