What up with the Lack of Posting


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Dec 5, 2003
Come on guys. We need to get moving faster here. The vets need to come out of retirement, and start posting new ideas and things of importance. All of the lurkers need to come out and start posting as well. Post your ideas, routines and tell us whats up and what you need help with. New guys, post, in the newbie forum, as questions. All of these threads about " Hey whats up I am new" and thats all you say is really getting old. Say what you have to say, ask what you want and we will help

But seriously we need to get the amount of threads moving. If you are a member at another forum and your posting there, it is going to hurt posting here. If you post there ant least post it here as well.

Even though I am not a member at 🙈 I still see the post that go on over there and I know a bunch of you guys are members over there. It would be really nice to get some loyalty to MOS. We need to get so new ideas, new experiences, new routines and stuff, guys.
Jun 4, 2003
You have to remember it is Christmas time and some people might be really busy so won't have much time to post.

After New Years I'm sure this place is going to pick up more.
Jul 15, 2003
Maybe its because sometimes others know what ppl is gonna say.. in ex.> go search... but sometimes others do search.. but just want to clarify it.. but they still get the go search sign.. or maybe if they do ask it.. thier thread just goes down for some reason... or maybe, others know that others will disagree so maybe they just dont bother.. not sayin its me.. but maybe thats how others feel.. :s
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