What the Hell was THIS GUY doing???



Trying to give himself head? Some bizzare sex game? Your thoughts?? I've got it! He just got home from the office, really had to take a shit...turtle head pokin out...figured he'd take a shower right afterward...so, he was stripping while running to the john, tripped over his coffee table and in a bizzare twist of fate he killed himself! Maybe?


"The position of this body indicates a fracture of the spine."

I wonder how they concluded that.

Anywho, it looks like his left arm also got screwed up in the process, given its orientation. I think maybe he fell over and tried to break the fall with his arm/neck, and that failed for both parts. I don't know, maybe somebody has a better explanation.

- DS


It looks to me like he was trying to blow himself and his neck couldn't support the weight. Fuck, man, that's awful. At least his body hadn't bloated up too much yet..

Looks like me after one of my old Martin Lawrence "benders" I used to partake in every day. Old lady used to pick me off the floor and patch me up.:s Boy, oh boy! Do I miss that girl.
Think the same as u Red, must be some execution.
I don't think that is a blindfold, if you look closely you will see that someone just blocked his eyes so you can't tell who he is.... I think anyway.
as far as this poor bastard....i think he was pe'ing and attempted a Lazy ass stretch between the legs..pulled to hard..lifting himself off the ground only to land on his neck which snapped like a twig....he gained 1/4 inch but unfortunately died in the process...this should be a warning to you fellow Pe'ers....Be careful and pull SLOW......:cool:


Can't be pretty obvious as I would have noticed it.


Sorry. Shoulda said:

It's very obvious to me that it's a black bar.

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