I just started using cable clamps for my girth work, man do they make it easier. I've only used them for my last 4 sessions(still a rookie ). I have done some pretty intense girth work leading up to this but I've never experienced what I am now. I have slight pain in my shaft and I am starting to have trouble keeping erect while doin my girth routine. I do some jelqing for 5-10 minutes to warm up then I stay clamped for 10 minutes and do a few bends, and some jelqing and maybe a horse squeeze or two, then I put the clamp on for another 10 with out doing any exercising besides a little jelqing. I don't use a hot wrap but I haven't with my other girth exercises and its never been a problem. I know these are all signs that I should probably take a couple days off but I really worried that if I do that I'll lose my recent girth gains. What should I do?
Well if it's inside then that could be just tunica soreness. I noticed that a warm up/warm down with a hot towel helps me with erections for girth exercises. This is bad for length exercises though because I hot wrap for both just to make the tissue stretchy and less prone to injury.

Also, do you do your girth routine everyday? You might start doing it every other day until you notice full recovery and ability to gain a solid erection for a good workout. But definitely try the hot wrap and see if it does anything, may promote better blood flow and just solve your erection problem right there. Good luck!
Thanks for the tips. I think your right about it being the tunica because I feel it when I stretch too. Hopefully I'll be making some much needed length gains soon. Why would a hot wrap be bad for length exercises though? I am goin to take your advice and not do girth everyday unless I my penis feels up to it rofl . I just read RED's constrictor guide and I think my symtoms maybe just be normal for clamping beginners.

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