What pills do you take to > sperm shot/count?


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Aug 23, 2004
I'm wondering what you guys are taking to try to increase the ammount of your shot. It's an obsession for me, more than Penis Enlargement, which I don't have the time/discipline to do caus I don't have an hour to spare per day to do it. I'm all about raging hard ons, PC exercizes and > load size. Any tips, recommendations appreciated. I started on this stuff 4 days ago. No noticeable effects yet. I'm starting to wonder if I'm just wasting my time with all of this stuff as I never see results from anything except PC exerzizes.
Here's what I'm taking currently.

I'm looking to > my test levels. I had them tested a while back and they said I was in the normal range. However, I'm just not that horny, EVER. I recently started taking the following
2 500mg l-argenine capsules morning
2 bee pollen capsules morning
2 high quality multi vitamins
1 saw palmetto capsule

Before bed, 2 500mg L-lysine

May 18, 2004
I take 1200mg of Lecithin 3 times a day.....for load size....
yeah for about 4 days too....

ANybody who knows, should I be taking more than that???
Cant find any threads that states that...


Feb 18, 2004
Well I read on penis-health that L-lysine and L-argenine are not to be taken simultaneously as one interferes with the other. Something like L-argenine makes your immune system over react and the L-lysine counteracts that. I'm not doctor, it was just recommended to take the L-argenine during the day and the L-lysine during the night.
I'm going to dedicate a post to that.



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Jun 28, 2003
Wuz up Man!! I see you are over here too Kfarrelldba!! Glad to see you made it to my favorite forum. This one is more intense and innovative than the other one(won't mention names). I remeber what you are taking from me helping you at the other forum, but are you taking supplements for harder erections, bigger loads, or both? Answering this question will help me, help you better. Holla Back!!
Feb 2, 2004
Well I've been taking Lecithin for a little over a month now and I have noticed larger loads. I just take 2 pills , one morning, one night, of the 1200mg form. Also along with this I take a multivitamin and fish oil supplements . I believe the only component helping the Lecithin would be the Zinc from the multivitamin, but have to be careful with the intake of this.

Keep taking what you're taking for a month before making your decision. Supposedly it can take up to a month for semen to fully cycle through your system. So toward the end of the month you should for sure be using the loads created with this supplement intake. I didn't really notice the loads myself 'till toward the end of my month stint. At that point I noticed when I came multiple days in a row the 2nd or 3rd day's load would be about the same as a previous first day's load with buildup. So just keep on it! Takes more than a few days to see results with this kind of stuff! Good luck!