What Is That Thing In There?


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I depends on the girl because with some girls I felt it, and with others I didn't.

When a chick is riding me, sometimes as I thrust upwards I'll hit this thing in there... and I don't know what it is. The best word to describe it is a "ridge", or at least that's what it feels like to me. I noticed that it's mostly younger (legal teens, twenties) women that possess this thing. I think maybe for older girls who have had more sex, this "ridge" may have been pounded down flat from all that fuckin'.

Like, I'll thrust up and the head of my cock will sort of "hit" this ridge and kind of "skip" past it as my cock slides in even further. I'm not sure whether it feels good to the woman or not, since they moan or squeal loudly when I hit it, but they have never said "Ow" or told me to stop doing it.

What is this thing? Has anyone else experienced this speed bump of love?


:D, welcome to the Cervix man. That's what youre hitting. What some guys refer to when they talk about "bottoming out".


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That's what I thought it might be, but is that really the bottom?

My dick seems to slide past it on it's way in. It feels like it's located on the top wall of the vagina, towards the back or "end". I didn't think that it was the literal end of the line, is it?

Why am I hitting the cervix with the woman on top? Is that common? I thought it was easier to hit in a different position. That's not something you want to really "hit", right? I'm not sure if it's painful for the woman... if you ask me, I'd say it feels great!!! Haha haha

I guess some women's cervixes are further back than others? Women I've fucked who were older than me never seemed to have one that's so easily hit upon. But with young girls, or ones my own age, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.


When you pass the cervix you're on the way to the CDS! Good thing that! If you're long enough and you're girl shallow enough you will hit this kind of sack what the vagina forms under excitement and are really bottoming out!


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