What is industry standard?


Jul 23, 2003
How big is the industry standard pornstar penis? What is the actual range?


Sep 27, 2003
Dude, you're going to get hugely exaggerated guess-timations from there guys because they are (no offense) very fixated on extra large dongs. Would I be REALLY off if I guessed that most of you preferred watching porn with very large dudes? Like Lex, Erik Everhard, Mandingo, Jack Napier, etc...

So I think most guys' perspective will be VERY skewed. They'll probably guess about 8-9 inches. But I say the average mainstream porn dick is about 6.5-7.5 inches long. They do a LOT of image distortion and camera angle tricks to make dicks look bigger.
Aug 23, 2003
I agree. The average tends to be the stated 6-7. I've heard that in the porn industry, they're more interested in how well your equipment works. Like if you can last hard a long time and cum when they need you to.

The camera tricks make up for the size. A good example is Nick East. If you've seen more than one porn, you've definitly seen him. He's the guy with the long, curly hair that looks like Kenny G. He's no more than 6" long and 5" girth. Yet, he's been in a TON of porn movies(probably near 300, maybe more). The reason? He's got "one of the most reliable tools in the business".


Dig around in the Porn paradise thread ...some guy asked a similar question..."can an asian guy make it in porN" or something like that. I made a nice reply to that post you should read. There isnt really an "industry standard" though. Most of it is who you know who can get you started...and more importantly, your reliability to perform under pressure and on demand. Unless youre in gay porn or a very well established male actor...youre usually just a necessary prop for the women....theyre usually the stars...and what sells the movies.
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