What do you do for the common cold?


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Jun 20, 2003
I was at work tonight when I felt the urge to sneeze. The unmistakeable stinging and tingling told me that I'm coming down with a cold. What do you do to treat your colds. Thus far, I've been sucking down the zinc lozengers. I'll gargle with salt water here in a few minutes when I go to bed.


Nov 4, 2003
what I found that's really effective for cold is silver. yeah, you heard it.. silver. I felt all sneezy + cough + light headed and I sprayed silver in my nose + throat and whoops next day i was better and the next day after that I was all good.. You can read more about it at http://www.silvermedicine.org/ .. Isn't that costly, you buy something like 40grams of silver and it lasts a few years. You have to have a generator so you get the silver particles in the water . (Silver in the water and electricity through it). I'm not 100% sure how you do it but If you want you can read about it at the site. My brother introduced me to this and he's an avid reader. good luck and get well :)
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