what do you all think?


Jun 27, 2004
my penis is 5.5x4.5 when errect and
3.5 in length when its soft(i forgot the term for that)
well i wanna know if you all think its small
i think it is

and i would also like to know how exactly do you squeeze the pc muscle?
thanks alot
Sep 29, 2003
You sound firmly in the range of real-world average, which is far better of course than being below average.
It is not small unless you believe it is basically. Most guys think theirs is small, this place is full of guys moaning about the 7 inches they "only" have !
May 18, 2004
yeah man, don't worry about what your cock looks like now, Just get Penis Enlargementing and see what it looks like in a bit....
I started here at MOS with the exact same size as you, and it is "DEFINITELY" getting bigger.....
Just start the Newbie routine (thats all im doing at this point), and stick to it.
JUST make sure you take a picture of your soldier before you start training him, that was my Big mistake, I think I would be even more thrilled with where I am now if I did...

While your taking a piss hold back and stop, that is flexing your PC muscle (you dont have to do it while you piss all the time, thats just the best way for a Newb to understand how).