For those who do DLD Bends, at what erect % are you at? I can only seem to do these when I'm 50% erect at best - else it just won't bend.

Dr. Paul

I do them at just below maximum erection. If I had to guess I would say 80 percent. This is what doublelongdaddy teaches on the paysite. This exercise is part of the width expansion super-sets which I have made tremendous growth with.



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quijjiboo said:
This is a tough question, but how much would I be losing if I replaced the bends in Phase 2 and 3 with something else? I really want to stick with the program, but I always chicken out when it comes time to do them, I guess I'm paranoid. What should it feel like when you're just getting broken into them?
You could substitute DLD Bends with Incremental Squeezes. This will work your penis in the same was but instead of rolling the squeeze as you do in a DLD bend you will be manually applying it.
As long a your NOT 100% erect. The Bends are very cool. You really can see and feel a difference with them. I just started to do them slightly clamped down. Not fully clamped and just enough blood in there to feel it maybe 60-70% enough for me. I'm sure some guys will be more hardcore. I do that, the ATS rollers, compressions and really slow 20-30 sec dry jelqs for width and girth. Seems to work for me..... And it doesn't take that long...

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