Welcome to Randolf and Blue and kfarrelldba


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Hey I want to personally welcome you guys to he Board. You guys have been a great help to the board and I have learned a lot from your posts that I never thought about before. Kfarrelldba you are the funniest fucking guy I have ever meet!! Keep it up, I want you to be a post hoar, Kfarrelldba!!! I am glad you guys are here. Welcome again.
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Thanks for the kind words fruitnut. I'll be frequenting this happy place full of nutbags. I gotta really get into this Penis Enlargement thing. I've slacked long enough. Time to stretch and beat my dick into suBathmateission.
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I have to agree, with supra these three are real swell members with great reads, real clever the way ya guys explain ya selves .... wish I was BETTER at my own damn native language haha.


:D I always found it weird that it's always the good looking guys on these Penis Enlargement forums. Where are all the average or not-so-good looking guys at?

Sorry if I offend anyone =P

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